All year end orders will be shipped after 4th January 2021. Happy Holidays!
All year end orders will be shipped after 4th January 2021. Happy Holidays!

Designer's Note

Hey, hun. It’s been awhile… Seven months to be exact from our last collection. It has been tough and insane but we survived! We couldn’t have done it without your continuous support during these trying times. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, my loves.

Today (the 7th of July), I am so excited to share with you, our latest collection - The Summer of Reawakening. For this collection, we collaborated with a Malaysian-born Singapore-based illustrator, Lyana Effindi (@li.fnd) - a female artist who specialises in digital illustration of flora and fauna.

We started conceptualising this collection back in October. I was intrigued by spirit animals, and in particular, the leopard. The leopard symbolises confidence. It teaches us to always trust our instincts to give us clarity, which leads us to making the right decision. The leopard symbolises beauty and boldness. It may be something that we’re aware and proud of, or it can be somewhere deep inside us, undiscovered, but I believe that all of us possess the magic of beauty and boldness.

This summer collection features our first menswear style. Introducing the custom print in a Cuban-style shirt, perfect for the men who love to elevate their look with prints and colours. Hope you’ll love it. I cannot wait to design more styles for men in the future.

To end, 2020 has been an eye opening experience for all of us. Despite it all, I believe that we became a better version of ourselves. The road of life can be rough and the climb can be more challenging than you think, but if we believe in ourselves, we can conquer and survive anything. And even push us beyond our own expectations.

Like Morgan Harper Nichols once said,

“May you never forget the progress you’ve made. May you never forget the mountains you’ve climbed. May you never forget that beautiful things come together in their season and in their time.” – Morgan Harper Nichols