Due to the current Covid19 situation, all orders will be shipped out every Friday.
Due to the current Covid19 situation, all orders will be shipped out every Friday.

Cruise '19

If you sense something familiar in this collection - you truly are a CA girl! So yes, you got that right, the Riley skirt is back. But this time, with an entire collection complementing it. Staying true to Camira’s commitment to sustainability, she salvaged extra fabric offcuts from their Cruise '18, as a hope to also improve the brand’s footprint in the Fashion industry.

For Cruise '19, Camira Asrori reflects on the dualism of womanhood, the Softness, and Strength in us. The bold prints of the Riley Skirt stand out against muted shades embodying the polarity of human personality.

She makes a point by including the same fabric in an extensive array of designs, portraying the balance of similarities in diversity. All her models are shot wearing similar looks, but with each character still standing out on their own.

“Any women can wear CA on any day,” says Camira herself.

Overall a playful contrast birthed into a clothing line. Every piece made comfortable and breathable for your daily affairs.

CHIC by Camira Asrori

This season, Camira Asrori is releasing her very own scent - CHIC - in collaboration with Maison21G.

The nose behind this sexy fragrance came up with CHIC, to introduce a bold blend of Musk and Cannabis. Yes, you read that right - Cannabis. Don’t worry no one got high in the process and legal procedures were followed to obtain notes of Cannabis. Of course in true Camira Asrori fashion, pushing boundaries is always to be expected.

CHIC is fierce and sensual, like all our CA girls. “When I wear it out to clubs, it’s funny how men come up to me to ask what perfume I’m wearing. It is strong and noticeable- in a good way,” says Camira, on CHIC being just pure primal attraction.

Working alongside Maison21G, both their mission is for everyone to start paying attention to perfume. Camira Asrori and Maison21G agree that a look is not complete without a scent that goes with your outfit as a way to elevate your style.